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TURCO ALBRITE HEAVY is a water extendable, clear liquid developed to remove atmospheric
corrosion, dirt, road soils and diesel soot from aluminum surfaces such as semi-trailers, boat hulls,
cargo containers and aluminum siding.
When applied according to direction, TURCO ALBRITE HEAVY forms a heavy foam blanket which
enables the compound to cling to vertical surfaces while it removes contaminants.
TURCO ALBRITE HEAVY is not recommended for use on high strength steel and glass surfaces.
These areas must be masked or otherwise protected.
TURCO ALBRITE HEAVY offers these features:
1. Nonflammable liquid in concentrate
2. Supplied as concentrate
3. Diluted with water from 1 to 7 parts
4. Applied by pressure spray methods
5. Readily rinses from surfaces with cold water
6. Fast acting, usually 5 to 15 minutes completes most jobs
7. Does not leave residual films when rinsed per recommended procedure

Turco Albrite Heavy

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