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- Useful for ceramic surfaces, glass and toilet areas
- Ready to use product
- Safe around pets and children at working
- NASAA certified for organic input, biodegradable,
does not harm the environment
Areas of use:
Toilet areas and surfaces such as ceramics,
benchtops, glass, mirrors, tiles and bathtubs
Revolution Organic Toilet Bowl Cleaner comes as a
ready to use product in a 1L format and can be used on all bathroom surfaces. As it is certified by
NASAA for organic input 3502M, Revolution Organic Toilet Bowl Cleaner is safe to humans, animals
and will not harm the environment if it enters waterways. Our Toilet Bowl Cleaner is biodegradable
and is produced from all natural sources. As this product does not contain many of the harmful
chemicals found in common chemical products, no personal protective equipment (PPE), such as
gloves or masks are required. Furthermore, Revolution Organic Toilet Bowl Cleaner does not irritate
the skin or airways and cleans with superior efficiency to chemical products.
Colour: Blue/blue-green liquid
Odour: Mild citrus fragrance
pH: 5.0-6.5 as supplied
Revolution Organic toilet bowl is suitable for all toilet areas and is formulated to stick to surfaces
allowing better sit time.
Directions for use:
Ready to use, do not dilute. Apply to areas required such as the toilet bowl, glass or ceramic and let
sit for a few minutes or longer and agitate if desired before rinsing.
Pack Size:
1L white bottles

Safety Information:

For first aid and safety directions, please refer to the SDS (Safety data sheet)
Any information given is to the best of our current knowledge, with respect to our products and their use. This
is subject to revision as additional knowledge and experience is gained. Such information is offered as a
guideline and is not recognised as a representation that the material is suitable for any particular purpose or

Refer to SDS for use

Revolution Organic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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