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Recosol G

Isoparaffinic hydrocarbon solvent which has the lowest odour of any hydrocarbon in the Recosol range.
Recosol G is the functional equivalent of S11 and Isopar G.
FEATURES A very low odour solvent that is a convenient alternative to Mineral Turpentine, White Spirits
or Kerosene. Use when an �odourless� solvent is required. Low aromatic content ensures lower potential
for attack of plastics and rubbers. Can be used as a rolling oil for ColorbondTM and aluminium roofing
sheets. Versatility � Recosol G can be substituted for many traditional solvents in cleaning formulations
as well as sophisticated blends requiring a low odour. Selective Solvency � Recosol G has a high solvency
of greases, oils and general dirt, but does not have the inherent capability to swell rubbers or plastics.
This makes it an appropriate electrical cleaner which can be stored in containers with low tolerance