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_ Concentrated formulation - value for money.
_ Biodegradable
_ Designed specifically for vehicle surfaces.
_ Restores dull and oxidized paintwork to a bright finish.
_ Safe to use.
_ Non dangerous goods product - no transport or storage problems.
_ Neutral
_ No solvents



MAGIC DUCO WASH N' WAX cleans and restores shine in one simple operation. Powerful detergents go
to work on road grime, oil and pollutant particles that are responsible for much of the premature dulling
of paintwork and trim. Simultaneously, a modern cationic wax system fills small scratches and protects
with a high gloss film that is mechanically durable and repels dirt. Ideal for use on paint, chrome,
fibreglass, steel, glass, rubber and aluminium. A neutral pH ensures previous protective wax films are
not removed.


Magic Duco

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