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Deodorised Kerosene


Economical, 100% hydrocarbon solvent degreaser

Ecoclean Avanti�s deodorised kerosene is a clear colourless liquid hydrocarbon solvent for use
as an economical extender to mix with other Avanti degreasers, also for use in workshop parts
washing tubs to remove lighter soils, greases & oils.

Suitable for use in parts washer tubs incorporating a lower water layer as a filter medium.
_ Safe on all common metals surfaces, most plastics, glass, well bonded paint, etc
_ Economical cleaner for use in workshop parts washer tubs
_ Extender for mixing with other Avanti degreasers to provide greater economy
_ Mix with Avanti Solvent Degreaser Concentrate to make an emulsifiable degreaser