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BONDERITE S-ST 6813-E is a viscous, pink liquid formulated to remove multiple coats of aircraft paints,
such as epoxies and polyurethane, including such resistant primers as Koroflex.
TURCO 6813-E paint remover clings to vertical as well as overhead surfaces and can be used on
aluminum, magnesium, cadmium plated steels and other ferrous metals.
TURCO 6813-E paint remover offers these features:
1. Listed on QPL for TT-R- 2918 (Type 1)
2. Free of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP's)
3. Nonflammable (per DOT definition)
4. Free of phenols, acids, methylene chloride and other chlorinated hydrocarbons and chrome or any
other heavy metals
5. Readily rinses with cold water
6. Can be applied by non-atomizing spray, brush or flow-on methods
7. Passes "effects on metals" portion of MIL-R- 81294D
8. Passes ASTM F519 Type 1A hydrogen embrittlement test

Bonderite S-ST 6813

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