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Bonderite C-SO White Solv EC


BONDERITE C-SO WHITE SOLV EC is a clear colourless chlorinated hydrocarbon
solvent cleaner with low viscosity and low surface tension.
TURCO WHITE SOLV EC is ideal for white room cleaning and cleaning of relay
contacts, electrical equipment, assembled electronic units and precision components.
A few examples of the many cleaning applications for TURCO WHITE SOLV EC are:
� Aircraft-aerospace missile components.
� Electrical parts and assemblies.
� Hospital and research equipment.
� Instruments and precision parts.
� Precision bearings.
� Printed circuit boards.
TURCO WHITE SOLV EC offers these benefits:
1. Non flammable.
2. Fast evaporating.
3. High solvency for oils and grease.
4. Safe on paints, plastics and synthetic elastomers.
5. Easy to apply.
6. No mixing required.
7. Low toxicity.
8. Leaves no residue.