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Bonderite C-SO Carbolene

BONDERITE C-SO CARBOLENE SOLVENT CLEANER is a two-phase solvent product. The lower active phase contains a powerful solvent activated with special additives to promote rapid removal of carbon deposits and paint films. The upper aqueous phase contains corrosion inhibitors and also prevents evaporation and loss of efficiency of the solvent phase.
BONDERITE C-SO CARBOLENE SOLVENT CLEANER is used cold in a still tank. The use of heat or agitation will cause rapid loss of the solvent phase and should be avoided.
As BONDERITE C-SO CARBOLENE SOLVENT CLEANER consists of two phases in balanced proportions, the entire contents of the drum should be added to the tank, when topping up is required.
It is recommended that a grid or screen be placed in the bottom of the tank to facilitate removal of sludge.
To preserve the life of BONDERITE C-SO CARBOLENE SOLVENT CLEANER tanks, very oily or greasy work should be first degreased in a less expensive solvent. 
After removal from the tank, the last traces of BONDERITE C-SO CARBOLENE SOLVENT CLEANER are easily removed by water. A pressure rinse may be necessary for oil galleries or difficult to reach areas.

  •  Aircraft
  •  Automotive
  •  Marine
  •  Steel furniture
  •  Whitegoods


  •   Economical
  •   Free rinsing
  •   Long bath life
  •   Meets DEF 220
  •   Non flammable
  •   Rapid penetration of soils