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Bonderite C-AK 5948 DPM

BONDERITE C-AK 5948DPM AERO (known as TURCO 5948 DPM) is an alkaline, water base, blue
concentrated compound formulated to effectively clean painted and unpainted aircraft exterior and interior surfaces when diluted with water. BONDERITE C-AK 5948DPM AERO is ideally suited for use on all models of jet aircraft.
BONDERITE C-AK 5948DPM AERO is also designed to be used in immersion tanks, for dip applications.

  •  Approved by Pratt & Whitney as SPMC 105 for SPOPs 1 & 209
  •  Conforms to McDonnell Douglas C.S.D. #1
  •  Approved by General Electric as C04-208 for engine cleaning.
  •  Effectively removes jet soils, such as synthetic oil films, grease, carbon and exhaust residues from aircraft exterior surfaces, landing gears, wheel wells, flaps, etc.
  •  For use on all aircraft metals and well bonded paint
  •  Nonstaining and nonstreaking to aluminum
  •  Noncrazing to Plexiglas
  •  Readily soluble and stable in water mixtures
  •  Restores paint luster
  •  Free rinsing
  •  Ideal for exterior and interior cleaning, as well as parts cleaning
  •  Pleasant and refreshing odor
  •  Nonflammable
  •  Does not contain phosphates,