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Belt & Roller Cleaner/Sanitiser

AQIS Approved
High-foam, alkaline, chlorine based cleaner/sanitiser for the fruit industry
Specifically to clean & sanitise belts & rollers of mango drying tunnels, fruit processing conveyors &


Contains powerful alkaline surfactants & sodium hypochlorite to provide extra high performance
Provides a thick, foaming liquid to cling & dwell on all surfaces to penetrate soils
Strong sanitising effect with over 6% available chlorine. Ideal in all fruit processing
conveyor systems
Use in mango, tomato & small crop processing lines for maximum cleaning & sanitising effect
May also be used to clean & sanitise equipment, walls, benches, fittings, floors
Belt & Roller Cleaner is formulated to be safe in contact with aluminium surfaces
Belt & Roller Cleaner will also provide protection against cross-infection